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Why Us?

Getting a plumber in Singapore? We are the No 1 Singapore plumbing company. With our services available islandwide 24/7, we have been serving the residents in Singapore with diligence since the start of our operation.

To ensure quality in our repair works, we do offer repair warranties  for the repairs undertaken by our plumbers.

Priced at an affordable range, our business has gain the trust of both Singaporeans as well as residences from overseas. Our plumber can speak both English, Chinese or Malay, the three main language in Singapore.

The plumbing hotline are manned by personal whom can speak english fluently so call us now for a honest and affordable plumber.

 Call us Today at 6408 9683 or 9770 8035

. Establised Plumbing Company

Been in The industry for more than 10 years.

. Pub Licensed Plumber

Plumbers have undergone neccessary courses, delivering quality.

. Full Time Plumber Only

No more freelancing Plumbers. Our plumber are all full time!

. Warranty on Repair

Read more on our warranty for repairs by our plumbers.

. Free Assessment

Free onsite assessment prior to quoting of price available.

. Honest and Reliable

No overcharging, on time, friendly plumbers. Make your repairs a pleasent time.

Call us at 9770 8035 (24 Hr Line) for a reliable plumber services in Singapore.

We provide a wide range of plumbing services in Singapore. Some of our services includes

  • clearing of chokes in toiletbowl, drains and pipes,
  • replacement of taps and pipes,
  • conversion of squatting to sitting WC
  • Sealing of leaks in pipes and hose
  • Replacement of water heaters
  • Installation of Bidets
  • Installation of Pipes and taps
  • Suppling of bathroom fixture such as toiletbowl, sinks and taps
  • Repair of water leakages from ceilings and walls

 Call us Today at 6408 9683 or 9770 8035

 The most important thing is that we do provide a warranty for our repair! This is important because the plumbing industry has been plaque by complains of bad service standard and poor quality repair work. By providing a warranty after the repair work is done, we prevent such issues from happening. Our company ensures that our repair work done is top notch and our client are satisfied with our repairs.

To top it of, we only collect the repair fee after the work is done. This allows you as a consumer to inspect the repair and be satisfied with it before making the payment. IE: Lousy work = no Pay. All this steps are taken to ensure that your interest as a consumer is safeguarded.

 Important links:

PUB: in charge of water related issues in Singapore.

HDB: in charge of housing in Singapore (not for private properties).

About Plumber Services Singapore:

We have been in the plumber trade for more than 10 years. Currently, we have 6 team of plumber on standby during the day and 2 team during the night. The team are stationed Islandwide so as to be able to respond to your needs fast. Most appointment are responded to within an hour. Our vans are filled with most spare parts that are needed so as to facilitate repairs on the spot.

Our Pledge:

Prompt and reliable response to all emergency situation

Our Mission:

To provide excellent service to our clients so as to maintain a long term relationship

Call us For a Professional plumber in Singapore today @ 9770 8035

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